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Songs of Experience - Cindy Mangsen - 1998 - Redwing Music RWMCD 5403

A new, nationally distributed recording by Cindy Mangsen - an absolute must have! Also, check out Steve's latest solo album, Texas & Tennessee.

  • Generally credited with harmony vocals

Never Grow Up - Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen - 1998 - Flying Fish CD FF 671

A wonderful followup to Never Grow Old! Also, check out Anne's new solo album, Bittersweet Street.

  • Wait 'Til The Clouds Roll By vocals
  • The Colorado Trail vocals

A Lost World - Jay Ansill - 1996

Anne Hills, John Gorka, Richard Shindell, Abby Newton, and Ken LaRoche among others join on this wonderful album of the poems of Robert Graves set to Jay's music.

  • The Far Side Of The Moon lead vocal

Angle of the Light - Anne Hills - 1995 - Flying Fish FF 70648 (CD) FF 90648 (Cassette)

Since this site is authored by a fan, I can interject a comment that this is a wonderful album and one of my favorites of Anne's.

  • Over The Bridge harmony vocal
  • Sound of the Looms harmony vocal

Never Grow Old - Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen - 1994 - Flying Fish FF 70638 (CD) FF 90638 (Cassette)

This is another wonderful album.

  • Richmond On The James harmony vocal
  • Lone Pilgrim lead vocal

The Healing Art - Allen Power - 1993 - Beacon Records BCN 10131-2 (CD) BCN 10132-4 (Cassette)

This album is very enjoyable. Allen has written a lot of very good songs.

  • I'll Love You Forever vocal
  • Wisdom of a Child vocal

Songlines - Cindy Mangsen - 1992 - Compass Rose Music CRM-5CD (CD) CRM-5CAS (Cassette)

Cindy's album is a very pretty album, and well worth having. The mood of Daughters of Feminists is very different than the original version by Nancy White. I'd suggest getting both versions.

  • Mr. Fox vocal
  • Daughters of Feminists vocal
  • Songlines vocal

No Limit - Fred Small - 1985 - Rounder CD 4018 (CD) C 4018 (Cassette)

This is an astounding album and has many gentle but hard-hitting songs. I purchased it for the Priscilla content in researching this page, but fell in love with it. If you're reading this page, this album should be in your collection.

  • Everything Possible duet

Gin & Raspberry - Martin Curtis - 1982 - City Folk Records, Hastings, New Zealand, CRF 004

  • Harmony vocals on several songs

Rodeo Rose - Bill Staines - 1981 - Philo C-PH-1079 (cassette)

The Priscilla content on this album is very limited. She is part of a backup choir on one song, but it is an enjoyable album nonetheless.

  • The Sampler Song background vocal

Tramps & Hawkers - Jim Ringer - 1977
The Band of Jesse James - Jim Ringer (compilation) - 1996 - Philo PH 1202 (CD)

  • New Harmony (Craig Johnson) background vocal with several other singers

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