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At the Turning of the Year

Lyrics to all the songs on this album.

Lyrics to all the songs on this album.
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At the Turning of the Year - 2000 October - HHM2000 (CD)

Priscilla Herdman:
    vocals, guitar,
   and wooden spoons

Anne Hills:
   vocals, guitar,
   banjo, and harmonica

Cindy Mangsen:
    vocals, guitar,
   English concertina, and accordion.


Peter Davis:
   clarinet and piano (tracks 8 & 11)
Steve Gillette:
   guitar (track 12)
Brian Melick:
Larry Packer:
Scott Petito:
   fretless bass and piano (tracks 1 & 6)
Jennifer Weeks:

  • At the Turning of the Year - (w&m by Anne Hills)
  • Candlemas Eve - (Lyrics by R. Herrick, music by unknown; P.D.)
  • The Winter It Is Past - (Traditional, with additional words by Robert Burns)
  • Forget-Me-Not - (w&m by Anne Hills & Michael Smith)
  • Swinton May Song - (Traditional English, from the Watersons)
  • Goodbye to the Roses - (Poem by Margaret Mantle, music by Jenny Armstrong)
  • Away Ye Merry Lasses - (w&m by Georje Holper)
  • Uncle Dave's Grace - (lyrics by Peter Berryman, music by Lou Berryman)
  • Solstice Round - (w&m by Cindy Mangsen)
  • The Snow - (w&m by Allen Power)
  • The Druggist - (w&m by Joel Mabus)
  • Corn, Water and Wood - (w&m by Carol Elliott & Wendy Waldman)
  • Years - (w&m by Beth Neilsen Chapman)
  • Winter's Come and Gone - (w&m by Gillian Welch & David Rawlings)
Voices of Winter

Each of the singers has a lovely voice and is well established as a solo performer. Yet their collaborations, distinguished by intricately woven harmonies, offer an altogether different kind of treat, one which radiates a special glow and warmth. Mike Joyce - Washington Post

For those of us who love this season of the year, yet have tired of the same old holiday songs year in year out, this cd is a breath of fresh air. Rick Russell - Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange

Voices of Winter - 1997 October 21 - Gadfly 235 (CD)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals, guitar, drum, wooden spoons, Anne Hills: vocals, guitar, 12 string guitar, banjo, Cindy Mangsen: vocals, guitar, concertina. Produced by: Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen.

  • Wintergrace - (Jean Ritchie)
  • Snow In The Street - (w: William Morris / m: Ralph Vaughn Williams)
  • Raise The Dead of Wintertime - (Alan Rankin)
  • Witch Hazel - (Tom Gala)
  • Serving Girl's Holiday - (traditional)
  • Hanerot Halalu - (traditional)
  • A'Rovin' On A Winter's Night - (traditional)
  • Joy, Health, Love & Peace - (traditional)
  • The Wren - (Jack Hardy)
  • Unto You This Night (A Child is Born) - (w&m: Steve Gillette & Rex Benson)
  • Frozen Logger - (James Stephens)
  • Proper Cup Of Coffee - (Traditional, new verses by Anne Hills & Cindy Mangsen)
  • Voices Of Winter - (Anne Hills)
  • Red And Green - (Maddy Prior)
  • Hot Buttered Rum - (Tommy Thompson)
  • Mister Santa - (Pat Ballard)
  • Chickadee - (w: Stan Scott / m: Ray Andrews & Ray Frank)
  • More Wood - (Dillon Bustin)
  • Lo, How A Rose - (traditional)

From the year's annual Top 10 Recordings: "Mix the mellifluous voice of Anne Hills with the crystalline soprano of Priscilla Herdman and the calm alto of Cindy Mangsen, throw in some great songs, add a healthy dose of long-term friendship, and the result is a clinic in harmony...The entire project is well conceived, neatly crafted and expertly performed. Who could ask for more?" The Hartford Advocate

"This exquisite trio album from Priscilla, Anne and Cindy weaves and blends three of the loveliest voices in American folk...One of 1990's best albums." Danna Garcia - Canadian River Music

"The only thing better than one beautiful voice is three. Folksingers Priscilla Herdman, Anne Hills and Cindy Mangsen prove the point on their album, Voices." Pioneer Press (Illinois)

"The whole thing is simply so beautiful, and the harmonies so inventive and tight, but the arrangements never get in the way of the songs...Highly recommended." Bill Spence - Andy's Front Hall

"I hightly recommend this CD for the finely tuned vocal blending of these three singers. Definitely a winning combination." Denise Sofranko - Dirty Linen

Voices - 1990 - Flying Fish FF 70546 (CD) FF 90546 (Cassette)

Priscilla Herdman: vocals, Anne Hills: vocals, 12- & 6-string guitar, Cindy Mangsen: vocals, 6-string guitar, dulcimer. Abby Newton: cello, David Hornung: Accordion, John Kirk: Violin and Viola, Larry Packer: Violin, Toby Stover:  Piano, Scott Petito: bass guitar, Dick Kniss: Bass fiddle, Terry Leonino: Harmonica, Steve Gillette: Vocals. Produced by: Abby Newton.

Note the CD has 12 tracks, the printing on the CD and the jacket indicate that Redwing Blackbird and Black Burning Air are one cut, the CD actually has two track numbers. This list follows the CD.

  • Wayfaring Stranger - 3:04 (traditional)
  • Silken Dreams - 4:18 (Anne Hills)
  • Redwing Blackbird - 2:08 (Billy Edd Wheeler)
  • Black Burning Air - 3:08 (Hal Michael Ketchum)
  • Waiting For Isabella - 3:20 (Al Power)
  • Squalor - 3:17 (Peter Berryman)
  • Adiós Ciudad - 4:52 (w: Michael Hernandez/ m: Michael Smith)
  • Katy Cruel - 2:35 (traditional)
  • Requiem For The Giant Trees - 4:47 (Eileen McGann)
  • Johnny Burke - 3:40 (Paul Mercer)
  • Orphans - 4:14 (Anne Hills)
  • Stars - 2:00 (Jan Harmon)

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